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How do I get a Mortgage?

Getting a mortgage is a straight forward process!

However, you should begin by asking yourself some key questions, which are all discussed this section:

How much home can I afford?
Calculations of estimated mortgage payments is something that can be done by my Mortgage Specialist.
How important is my credit history?
Your credit rating is an important considerayion in qualifying for a home loan.
How much do I need for a down payment?
Home buyers who qualify, may choose to make a minimal down payment.
What about closing costs?
There several costs that occur at closing which can amoiunt to anything between 3% and 7% of the home purchase price.
How large of a loan can I be approved for?
Lenders will make a calculation of the maximum amount you can borrow based on you personal finacial circumstances.
What does my mortgage payment include?
Your final mortgage payments can often be made up from a number of different components.
What are my possible financing choices?
There are many different types of loans available from conventional and Government sources.
Loan shopping tips!
Being knowledgeable about the mortgage process will put you in a position of being to shop for the best Mortgage.
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