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Selling your Home

>Deciding Whether to Sell

>Preparing to Sell

>Setting a Price

>Accepting an Offer

>Closing the Sale

>Juggling a Sale and a Purchase

>Free Comparative Market Analysis

Accepting an Offer

You may receive an offer fairly quickly, especially if the market is active. It isn't unusual to receive an offer the same day your house goes on the market. Most cases will find you waiting anywhere from 30 to 60 days for your first offer. I can be frustrating if the offers come in far below your list price or your home is on the market for several months.

Regardless of this, remember:

  • Don't rush negotiations.
    Take the time to consider all offers carefully, and take time to receive them in person rather than over the phone. It is important that the terms are favorable to you and to the buyer.

  • Decide on the lowest offer you'll accept.
    Decide ahead of time the lowest offer you'll accept and keep that figure to your self. The number may change during your experience, but it is important that you not let anyone, most especially the buyer, know what it is.

  • Accepting an offer on your home sale
  • Get everything in writing.
    This definitely a must, for your protection nad the buyers. Documentation helps to avoid miscommunication and confusion that can lead to legal problems later.

  • Don't get personal.
    You want to know as much as possible about the buyer's motivation—and the buyer wants to know about yours, as well. If possible, avoid discussing your situation in terms of any need to sell. Don't overreact if you are presented with an offer you find insulting.

  • Don't hesitate to counter.
    Even if the market is slow for sellers, it never hurts to counter the offer, especially if it is low.

  • Play fair.
    If you are selling in an active market, work out an orderly procedure for receiving more than one offer at a time.